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The Tax Communication Center (TCC 189) affiliated to Ministry of Treasury and Finance –The Presidency of the Turkish Revenue Administration provides consulting services about tax-related issues, denunciation management, and motor vehicle tax issues.

The Tax Communication Center expanded its service areas and also it began to provide consulting for foreign nationals and corporations about tax –related issues via e-mail from the date of May 16, 2012.

This consulting service does not provide information about liability (on any personal or corporation account, their recorded information, books, statements of income or balance sheet etc.). Because of the legal regulations about privacy, this information cannot be shared with third parties.

Enquiries should be asked only in English. Any questions in different languages other than English will not be answered via e-mail.

Please attach the form to an email and send to the address below and process to answer the question will begin

e-mail address : info@turkirspaye.com

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