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Message of Commissioner

Dear Internet User,

Welcome to our website.

Our main function as The Presidency of Turkish Revenue Administration is to ensure the timely and easy payment of taxes, which are used as the main source to increase the investment, production and employment as well as continuous delivery of the public services to our citizens.

We perform our duties which are assigned within the Constitution and laws, in accordance with the principles of justice and impartiality, solution-oriented, reliability, participation, transparency, responsibility, accountability and continuous development.

We aim to improve voluntary compliance and thus increase tax revenues by protecting taxpayer rights and offering high quality service with providing information through various communication channels which enable taxpayers to easily fulfill their obligations and launching applications to facilitate the transactions.

In this framework, we have been preparing various tax guides and leaflets ; we effectively use internet, e-mail, mobile platforms and social media in order to provide our taxpayers with prompt and better access to accurate information about their rights and obligations. In addition, we provide services of consultation on tax legislation, debt inquiry, denunciation declaration and Motor Vehicle Tax through our call center, known as the Tax Communication Center (VİMER-189).

We implement internet-based taxpayer services: all internal transaction documents such as e-filing, e-notice and all external transaction documents such as e-invoice, e-tickets and e-bookkeeping; Interactive Tax Office mobile application, Prefilled Tax Return System, Taxpayer Feedback System and Interactive Tax Consultant, aimed at effectively responding to the expectations of our taxpayers in the most rapidly developing areas of technological innovations, economic activities and emerging new investments.

In line with the principles of taxpayer-oriented approach and continuous improvement, we attach a great importance to your valuable opinions and suggestions to employ in the development of new service options. I would like to thank you in advance for all your feedback through our communication channels.

Best regards.



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